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Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Pakistan

Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Pakistan

By Arfa Zahid

Lets take a look at the top 10 tallest buildings in Pakistan

Bahria Icon Tower

Bahria Icon Tower is the highest building in Pakistan. The skyscraper is situated in Karachi, Sindh, near the coast of the Arabian Sea. The complex includes a 62-storey tower of corporate offices and apartments. Also, it has 42 story mixed-use buildings. Moreover, across both towers, the international standard shopping mall is running. The owner of the Bahria Icon Tower is Malik Riaz, a renowned construction industry tycoon of Pakistan. The complex is based on a four acre plot in the up-scale Clifton area.


Chapel Skymark

This high-rise building is also located in Karachi. The Chapel Skymark is the most giant residency building in Pakistan, consisting of 50 floors. The goal behind the construction of this tower is, achieve the greatest architectural brilliance. The developer’s focus is to provide residents with top-standard and luxurious living style. Multiple floors are dedicated to parking that is the best, as people’s main concern is always their vehicle as it is a great financial asset.

The building is located near PIDC Karachi. It is an apartment project that is near many famous areas of Karachi. This is the main reason it is attracting many investors. However, the structure is still under construction.


Dolmen Towers

Dolmen Towers is a project that has both commercial and residential sectors. The building also falls in the category of one of the biggest towers in Pakistan, Karachi. This is also on the list of tallest buildings of Pakistan structures, with 45 floors and 656 peaks. 2019 marked the end of the production of this prospect. Dolmen Mall has two towers, Tower A and B; both have the same height and the same number of floors. The mall is close to the Karachi shoreline that is the key location for commercial activities.


The Centaurus Mall

This gigantic construction encompasses 3 other multistory structures which are associated with a weekly shop mall. It has 3 structures in addition to which each contains thirty-two floorings. The aggregate price of this development was the hundred million dollar bills. There remain three multistory buildings in this massive construction which are associated with a weekly shop mall. For each structure, there are thirtytwo levels in addition to the entire charge of this tombstone was 300 million.


Habib Bank Plaza

Habib Bank Court remains a good-looking structure with a vision of Karachi city located on I.I. Chundrigarh Road, Karachi built-in 1963. This construction has the ground floor as well as 22 more levels in addition to it was the biggest construction in Pakistan and it remained the highest office block for the above four eras until the construction of MCB Fortification on a similar road.


Ufone Tower Islamabad

Located on Islamabad’s Jinnah Avenue, this telecommunications building is still standing. As usual, commercial workplaces benefit from the Ufone fortification in Islamabad. The construction of this high-rise building was completed in 2010. In addition to its 371 peaks, the Ufone fortification has 28 floors. Ufone tower is considered as the tallest building of Pakistan.


Central Point Tower Karachi

The Midpoint point fortification STANDS constructed in Karachi. It has a height of two hundred meters and four ninety ft. This construction remains positioned on Korangi Street, Karachi. It has twenty-seven floorings from which in the beginning 9 nine floors are consumed for making of the vehicles.


Ocean Tower

The Mall or The Sofitel Hotel Plaza were the previous names of this construction. There’s a good chance this is Pakistan’s largest construction project. Thirty floors are required to build it in Karachi, next to Clifton, which has a sea view. This skyscraper took seven years to complete. It was completed in 2014.


One Constitution Avenue

A promising project consisting of luxurious apartments is in Islamabad near Jinnah Convention Center. It is not wrong to say that the building is in the heart of both twin cities, Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The elegant building is CDA approved, with multiple buildings and 26 floors. The project offers a profitable investment opportunity as it is developed as per international standards.


Arfa Software Technology Tower

Arfa Tower, typically recognized as an international technology building, is a beautiful building. It is situated in the buildings of Lahore on Ferozpur Street. The entire height of this remains at 100 meters. The construction of this skyscraper started in 2006 and ended in 2012. Technologically, it is the largest IT Park in Pakistan, specifically in Punjab.