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MADE IN PAKISTAN – Tag to Make You Proud of Your Homeland

MADE IN PAKISTAN – Tag to Make You Proud of Your Homeland

By Arfa Zahid 


The people of Pakistan, wherever they go and wherever they live always own their country Pakistan and proudly introduce themselves as Pakistanis. Despite the unending obstacles and all odds stacked against us, we Pakistanis deliver on many fronts. Here is a collection of ten reasons why you should never lose hope in Pakistan and always be proud of your nation!

Largest Private Ambulance Network

Edhi’s ambulance network, formed in Pakistan by Abdul Sattar Edhi, is the largest ambulance service in the world, a feat that has made Pakistanis proud. It is also listed in the Guinness book of World records and is said to have the largest volunteer ambulance organization in the world. 


Pakistan Hockey Team Wins 4 World Cups

Hockey is the national game of Pakistan and truly so as Team Pakistan is the most successful team in the game, making us proud by winning the World Cup four times. Sohail Abbas holds the record of Highest goals scorer with 348 goals.


Pakistan Army Wins Cambrian Patrol Test

It is considered as one of the toughest patrolling tests for army personnel and no force from any other country has snatched this honor for Pak Army yet. This proud moment has come to Pakistan four times. Up to 140 countries participate in the event. The tests are over two days with no sleep or rest.


Pakistani Special Olympians Bag 34 medals

Unfortunately, we never focused on the development of special children in the country. Besides being limited to no resources at all, in 2015, Pakistan’s Special Olympic team made us proud by finishing with an impressive tally of 34 medals — 13 gold, 11 silver, 10 bronze.


Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and SIUT!

The poor of this nation always find respite in Imran Khan’s Shaukat Khanum cancer hospital whenever misfortune in the form of this deadly disease strikes them. 70% patients of the hospital are treated free of cost, an impressive feat keeping in mind how costly cancer treatment is. SIUT, another charitable organization that tends to provide the poor with free dialysis and kidney transplantation services, is working miracles for the downtrodden.


Female global icons we can be proud of!

Benazir Bhutto, the first female Head of State in an Islamic country, is recognized around the world as a martyr for democracy and champion of human rights. In the same way, Malala Yusufzai has won countless awards, from the Nobel Peace prize to even a Grammy award! Pakistan’s female icons have made us proud time and again.


1st Islamic State in the world to attain Nuclear Power

Thanks to the efforts of Abdul Qadeer Khan and his team, he helped Pakistan mark its presence on the world map by making it a nuclear power. Hats off to his knowledge, struggle and work altogether! 


Manufactures More than 50% of world’s hand-sewed Footballs

Sialkot is one of the world’s largest producers of footballs which are hand-sewn. The local factories manufacture 40-60 million footballs per year, which roughly amounts to 50 to 70 % of world production.


World’s Largest Irrigation System

25 % of Pakistan’s total land area is estimated to be under cultivation. It is watered by one of the largest irrigation system in the world. Even though smaller in size compared to Russia, Pakistan irrigates three times more acres of land


 Educational qualifications and achievements we can boast about!

Who hasn’t heard of the unexpected achievements by Arfa Karim and Ali Moeen Nawazish in their respective fields? Arfa broke the world record when she became Microsoft’s youngest MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) at the age of nine. Ali Moeen Nawazish made his nation proud when he secured 22A’s in his A-Levels qualification, a feat which had been unmatched at the time. Pakistan has flaunted immense talent in the form of these young, brilliant individuals who did us all proud.


Natural treasures that we have inherited

Pakistan has been blessed with numerous natural benefits and reserves. If extracted and exploited, these natural properties would serve our country in the best possible way. With Gwadar Port, we have the largest deep-sea port in the world. One of the largest glaciers in the world at our disposal, Pakistan has a lot to tap into to extract water for various purposes.