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8 Travel Essentials for Females On The Go!

8 Travel Essentials for Females On The Go!

By Noor Tariq


The feeling of going on a trip, hanging out with friends and family, getting to see new locations and discovering new cultures is absolutely mesmerizing. When it comes to females, the excitement is even greater because they can already envision their new shopping adventures.


Despite all the adrenaline rush before going on a trip, a major struggle for everyone is packing. What to keep, what not to keep and what to totally discard? This exercise of picking and choosing can become dreary if you do not plan well.


So, let’s list down the travel essentials every women should carry along with her.


Good Pair of Jeans

One good pair of jeans can take you a long way while travelling, whilst saving you so much space and hassle. Taking a few different tops along, you can wear the jeans in many different styles and ways. Make sure to choose your most comfiest pair so you can travel and enjoy your journey at the same time.


Power Bank

One should always plan out the travel essentials before leaving the house, sometimes journeys can be really long and even if you have the best phones in the world; the batteries cannot last for more than six to seven hours. So always carry an extra phone battery or a good power bank solution to be on the safe side. For all the girls it would be ideal since your phone would not switch off and your parents won’t get a chance to panic! Keep it in the Travel Essentials Kit and you’ll be saved from all kinds of connectivity hassles.


Self Defence Tools

Travelling alone for women can sometimes be a scary thought. Although you should not make worrying for your safety the centre of your trip, however being safe than sorry is always the better option. Be it Tasers, Pocket Knives or Pepper Sprays, be sure to carry something with you that can get you out of a dangerous situation, if you ever are in one (God Forbid).


A First-Aid Kit

While travelling, one can never be sure of what might come their way unexpectedly. You should always be prepared to face challenges and problems on your expedition, which means, it’s best to be equipped at all times. Make sure to include small items like band aids, pain relievers, anti-allergies, antibiotics, antiseptics and cotton in your kit.


Small Makeup Bag

Let us all accept that makeup is an important part of every girl’s life but it is not your whole life. While travelling only keep the essentials, the ones you cannot live without e.g. a good lip shade or mascara. Do not overload the bag with eye shades and base and all those items which will only create clutter. Keep it simple and minimum, carry all the things in a small pouch so they are not misplaced.


Sun protection

One thing that girls completely ignore, yet is the most quintessential item: Sunblock and Skin Lotion. Contrary to popular belief, sunblock isn’t just a summer product. It should be used all year round, especially if you’re travelling up north. The harsh sun rays and sudden weather change can be damaging for the skin and body, hence make sure to protect yourself against them.


Earphones and Headphones

Long journeys can become overwhelming, especially if you’re travelling with a large group of people. For a break, you can enter a zone of your own by switching on some good songs and filtering all the background noise around you, once you have your headphones on, of course. If the surrounding is too noisy and you want some quite corner, earphones always come handy in that situation.


Wet Tissues and Wipes

After a really long journey, the first thing you want to do is wash your face and get rid of all the dirt and oil on it. At this point, your skin is usually begging you to remove all the buildup from your face. This is where wet tissues or wipes can save the day. Just rub your face with them and it will instantly give you freshness. Your skin will thank you for it.


Hope these small tips and reminders make your journey a smooth and well-managed experience. Enjoy your trip, girls!