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The Best Places to Find Hot Chocolate in Pakistan

The Best Places to Find Hot Chocolate in Pakistan

By Noor Tariq

It’s nearly impossible to find someone who doesn’t like chocolate (unless you’re crazy, of course). But what’s even better than a bar of chocolate is when it’s in its liquid form, ready to be gulped down sip by sip, so you can cherish every second of its heavenly deliciousness.


If you’re someone like me who loves drinking hot chocolate all round the year, this one’s specially for you:



What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Butlers? For me, its definitely their hot chocolate. I’m salivating right now even thinking about it. The secret ingredient behind Butlers hot chocolate is the chocolate they use, which they prepare and produce themselves. It truly makes them unbeatable. The warm taste of cocoa, combined with some heavy whipped cream is the reason you’ll keep returning for more. Luckily, you can find Butlers in Lahore, Karachi and even Islamabad now.



You wouldn’t expect an eatery that makes the best steaks and burgers to serve the most delicious hot chocolate in town too, would you?? Yes, we were equally as surprised as well. The aroma from this hot chocolate takes you directly to heaven once you breathe it in. And the taste, it’s even better. You surely want to give this hot chocolatey mess a try if you’re in Karachi.



Although Bingsu specialises in Korean deserts, their hot chocolate is a must have if you visit this place, located in Karachi. The deep brown colour of its cocoa, topped  with white marshmallow fluff not only makes it a treat for the mouth, but also for the eyes. You’re missing out big time if you still haven’t tried it out.


The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

On my regular visit to this place for coffee, I stumbled upon their hot chocolate while reading through their menu. On a cold winter night, what else could I wish for? I crossed my fingers and placed my order. Safe to say, I wasn’t disappointed at all. The taste was really, reallyyy, realllyyyyy good. It’s a perfect combination of cocoa and milk, with not too much sugar, exactly how I like my drinks. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t like their hot chocolate too sweet, this is the place for you.


Second Cup!

Did Second Cups hot chocolate leave me wanting a second cup? Yes, it surely did. If chocolate velvet was a thing (or is it?), it would definitely look like this drink.

Made with creamy steamed milk and rich chocolate, this hot beverage is absolutely delectable.



Yes, yes, well all know Cinnabon is popular for its cinnamon rolls, but if you’ve tried their beverages out, you know they are an absolute delight too. Having tried most of their menu, I decided to give their hot chocolate a try. I already knew Cinnabon wouldn’t disappoint, but I had no clue their hot chocolate would become one of my favourites in town.


Cosa Nostra

Cosa Nostras hot chocolate isn’t just hot chocolate, it’s a full fledged meal. It has bits of brownies, paired with their signature blend of cocoa and dark chocolate, along with an abundance of marshmallows on top. Their gigantic serving will leave you with a very happy and fulfilled stomach.

So, how much are you craving a warm cup of hot chocolate after reaching the end of this blog? You don’t even need to answer that. What are you waiting for? Visit any of the above mentioned places and come back to thank us in the comment section below.