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Most Beautiful Motorway Network in Pakistan for Road Travelers

Most Beautiful Motorway Network in Pakistan for Road Travelers

By Arfa Zahid


Major Roads of Pakistan include Famous Roads In Pakistan Motorway, Indus Highway, Karakoram Highway, Beautiful Roads In Pakistan. Pakistan is one of those fortunate countries in the world which are blessed with such a landscape where a proper network of roads can be laid. Lets have an overview of the beautiful and crucial roads which are presented in Pakistan. 



The motorway is one of Pakistan’s beneficial projects. There are currently 11 fully operational Motorways in Pakistan, while 4 more are currently under construction or planned as future projects. It connects to all major cities in Pakistan with one main carpeted highway making long distances shorter and more comfortable as well as safe. The motorway is the finest, safest and clearest route to reach your destination safely while traveling to different areas in Pakistan. M1 motorway (also known as the Peshawar to Islamabad Motorway). The M2 Motorway (known as Islamabad to Lahore motorway). M3 Motorway (Motorway spanning the length of 230KM from Lahore to Abdul Hakeem). M4 Motorway (length of 309 KM from Pindi Bhattian to Multan). M5 (Multan to Sukkur Motorway). M6 Motorway (The Sukkur to Hyderabad Motorway). M7 Motorway (route of Dadu to Hub). M-8 (Ratodero – Gwadar Motorway). M-9 (Hyderabad – Karachi Motorway). M-10 (Karachi Northern Bypass Motorway). M-11 (Lahore – Sialkot – Kharian Motorway). M-13 (Swabi – Chakdara Motorway). M-14 (Hakla – DI Khan Motorway). M-15 or E-35 (Hassan Abdal to Thakot Motorway).


Karakoram Highway:

The storied Karakoram Highway (KKH), a modern incarnation of the ancient silk road, is the primary ground transport link between China and Pakistan, and the highest paved road in the world. Along with other transport and energy development projects, the Highway upgrade is aimed at promoting economic development for the two countries and it is the worlds highest paved international road in the entire world. Due to it’s high elevation and difficult conditions it is considered as the “Eight Wonder of the World”. The fearless road builders of China and Pakistan took almost 20 years to complete this 805-mile long highway which has been stretched over the hills, gorges, valleys and rivers.


Makran Coastal Highway:

The N-10 or National Highway 10 is a 653 km national highway in Pakistan which extends along Pakistan’s Arabian Sea coast from Karachi in Sindh province to Gwadar in Balochistan province. this highway is running along Pakistan’s Arabian Sea coastline. Makran Coastal Highway is one of the most scenic coastal drives in the world.

Indus Highway:

is one of the most popular national highways in Pakistan which is denoted by N-5 and comes the second popular road in Pakistan.  The total distance covered is 1264 km. The importance of this road is that it is the main connecting road from the port city of Karachi with northern boarders of the country including Peshawar and DG Khan.

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