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Top 6 Pakistani Tourist Destinations You May Not Know Yet!

Top 6 Pakistani Tourist Destinations You May Not Know Yet!

By Arfa Zahid

Pakistan is a beautiful place for tourism. It has the most breathtaking and appealing views of mountains, plateaus and deserts. It has the high potential to attract a large number of foreign tourists, along with that, Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) had set up 27 motels and 3 restaurants for the convenience of these foreign tourists, PTDC need to intensify their marketing ability in order to attract tourists from countries like, China, Middle East Korea, Japan, and many other countries. Moreover Pakistan government need to take certain actions, in order to promote and acknowledge Tourism in Pakistan, as doing so will not only benefit us financially but will also bring unity, compatibility and harmony among nations. When we think of adventure and vacations in Pakistan, probably the first place to pop in our minds are somewhere in the Northern Areas or Kashmir. However, we often forget this country has so much more to offer and all of it is oh so different! From mysterious ruins and heritage sites dotted all over the country to hidden sea coves and pristine lakes, Pakistan has so much undiscovered potential you probably aren’t aware of!


The top 6 Pakistani destinations which you need to know.

Moola Chotok

A beautiful village called Moola is located more than 80 km from Khuzdar. It is situated in Tehsil Khuzdar. As the gateway between central and west Baluchistan, Sindh, and Iran. The shortest distance between central Baluchistan and Sindh is avoided by using this route (Moola Pass).  There is a river named Moola Chotok in Jalawan that originates in Dist. Khuzdar. The river also has fish in it, so fishing is a favorite hobby of people in this region. Moola Chootak is the largest waterfall in Sub Tehsil Moola and Baluchistan. Two hills are located between this waterfall. Due to the interaction between the peaks of the mountains, the waterfall appears to resemble an umbrella. The reason for this is that it attracts tourists.


Katas Raj Temples

Spreading its beauty near Chakwal in Punjab province of Pakistan, the most reverenced among all the temples are the Katas Raj Temples. Katasraj is the second biggest holy place in Punjab for Hindu pioneers after Jawala Mukhi. Katas Raj, a conglomeration of temples preserves at least 1500 years worth of history ranging from Buddhist era to British rule in that particular space. This splendid complex of temples dedicated to Ram, Hanuman and Shiva is laid around a natural pond. The pond, the faithful believe, was created from a teardrop of the weeping Shiva as he flew across the sky carrying the dead body of his wife Sati.



Hingol National Park

One of the most fascinating places to visit in Baluchistan, Hingol National Parks is situated along the Makran Coastal Highway, covering an area of around 1,650 square kilometers. A large chunk of the park is covered with drift sand, which is why it has also been classified as a semi-coastal desert. The park is counted among the most important natural reserves in Pakistan . It partially spreads over three districts of Baluchistan including Gwadar, Awaran, and Lasbela, because of which it features a variety of topographical features, from sub-tropical forests to arid mountains.


The Great Wall of Sindh

Standing tall and majestic, Ranikot Fort also known as The Great Wall of Sindh, is one of the largest forts in the world and showcases its royal glamour. Approximately a three-hour drive from Karachi, this place is a must visit preferably in the winter season.

Astola Island 

The Astola island is located approximately 25 km off the coast of Balochistan province, and is Pakistan’s largest offshore island. The largest offshore island that graces the Northern Arabian Sea holds its natural charm and mystical allure. It’s a favorite site for campers and scuba diving expeditions.


Great Trango Tower

Fan of adventure sports? Baltistan offers the most vertical mountain in the world. Perfect base for jumping. This beauty located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region is a sight to behold.