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10 Most Incredible Animals in Pakistan

10 Most Incredible Animals in Pakistan

By Noor Tariq

Pakistan is home to many of the finest species of animals. Due to the different regions, climates and topographies present here, a diverse range of animals can be found in each area. Sadly, many species are on the verge of extinction. It is our patriotic duty to give them the utmost protection. Lets have a look at some beautiful creations of God.



Bharal, also known as the Blue Sheep, is a goat-like mammal belonging to the Himalayas. Their maximum body-and-head length is 65 inches. The color of their coat is grey, with a bluish tinge at times. This helps them camouflage with the blue-grey rocks found in their habitat. They have 7.9 inch long tails. The front half of their legs and chest are black, while the rest of their legs and under-parts are white. A stripe distinguishes their white belly from their grey back.


The Fishing Cat

Found in the Indus River Valley, the fishing cats appearance is a mix of black spots and stripes, coupled with a grey-brown coat, short ears, and white cheeks with black marks gracing them. The lines run from the forehead to the neck.

As their name suggests, the fishing cat can easily swim in water due to its webbed toes and protruding claws which helps them catch prey underwater, unlike many other cats.


Pallas’s Cat

This species of cat is listed as nearly threatened. They are known for their super fluffiness and unusual adorable looks. Their fluffy hair makes them look bigger than usual size. In reality, they are similar to domestic cats. These are mostly found in colder regions at high elevations. Due to their heavy fur, they can easily be chased. Moreover, their fur is darker grey in the winters, as compared to summers.


Woolly Flying Squirrel

This amazing rodent is found in the Gilgit side of Pakistan. Most of you might confuse it with a bat, but NO, this is actually a squirrel. Amongst all species of existing squirrels, this is the largest one with a height of 1.5 to 2 feet. Their natural habitat is being destroyed at a faster rate which makes these mammals at the border line of extinction.

Indian Pangolin

The Indian Pangolin is an endangered specie as of now, as it is hunted for it’s scales and meat. These mammals live in the dry and undulated areas of India and Pakistan. Their bodies are naturally armored due to the overlapping scales present on them. These scales change colors according to the surroundings the Pangolin is in.


Kashmir Musk Deer

The musk deer is an endangered specie of deer’s, owing to a loss of habitat due to deforestation and hunting activities. It can be found in Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Himalayas of India and some rare parts of Nepal. These deers are small in size, with short front legs, longer hind legs and large ears. They also have two long vampire-like-teeth coming out from each side of their mouth.

Indus River Dolphin

This beautiful and friendly mammal is found in the Lower Indus Basin. They make themselves standout by diving around the boats in that area. Their performance will definitely make your day and you will crave to see them again. Sadly, only 1000 of these species are left in Pakistan and they are in the list of endangered mammals.

Pied Avocet

The Pied Avocet can be found on the Indus river, the Arabian Sea Coast, and the Baluchistan coast of Pakistan. The color of the feathers on this one is white and black, with an elegant body shape, upturned bills and long grey legs. There isn’t much difference between the appearance of male and female birds.

Striped Hyena

Striped Hyenas come with long hair on their mane. These hair can be elevated by the Hyena, in order to look bigger in size when under threat. They have pointed ears, grey bodies and black stripes. Living in the hills of Kohistan and Baluchistan, these carnivores can usually be found in barren, mountains areas.



Last but not least, the National Animal of Pakistan. Also known as the Screw-Horned Goat, this royal creature has its resemblance to some fantasy book character. Markhors posses an amazing style; all credits to their majestic spiral horns and grizzled, light brown coats. They can be found in the rugged mountains of Northern Pakistan. Hunters love to target their beauty, which is why only 2500 Markhors remain, making them a part of the massive list of endangered animals