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Amazing Mountain Biking Trails in Pakistan

Amazing Mountain Biking Trails in Pakistan

By Noor Tariq

Mountain Biking is an ecstatic experience for travel lovers. Biking through the ravishing snow covered mountains, plain fields and rough terrains screams adventure like nothing else. What’s a better way to witness the inspirational beauty and amazing scenic points of our majestic homeland?

It is true, to be a mountain biker, one needs ample courage and passion since you’re not just away from home, but you’re also away from civilisation, which means you are all you’ve really got if things go south. But if you’re in for this adventurous experience, here’s a list of mountain biking trails you really need to explore:



A heaven for those seeking to go on an adventure, Hunza is the land of pure serenity and bliss, especially for nature lovers. Rich in historic value, Hunza is where the soldiers of Alexanders army settled with their wives in 327 B.C. Owing to the Karakoram Highway, Hunza can now be accessed by people easily, which wasn’t the case for the longest time. Here, you can find Baltit fort, which was home to the ancient rulers of that time, along with the old silk route, carvings and inscriptions from hundreds of years ago. The capital of Hunza, Karimabad offers a picturesque view of the five mountains that surround it, all taller than 7000 meters.

Indeed, this biking experience is a once in a lifetime kinda thing.



Baltistan, a multicultural region is rich in architecture, history and landscapes. It connects to the Karakoram Highway with a 170 km long road, which clings to the bank of River Indus.

To name a few, Skardu, Deosai Plateaus, Shigar and Baltoro glacier are some of the bounties of nature present here. This is why one can witness all sorts of landscapes here, from rivers, lakes and glaciers, to deserts, mountains and forests.



Biking through the 805 mile long Karakoram Highway, one may pass through the most beautiful scenic spots nature has to offer, coupled with barren lands and rugged mountains. It’s indeed a challenge to take on this journey, but that’s what doubles the thrill of mountain biking here. 100 kms from the capital, the journey starts at Havelian. The highway passes through Abbottabad, Besham, Chilas, Gilgit, Hunza, Mansehra, Thakot, Pattan and Sazin. It was made by the Pakistan Army in conjunction with the Chinese experts, providing an amazing travel experience to whoever chooses to bike through this route.



This one offers a mixture of uphill and downhill biking. The roads of Hindukush, Himalaya and Karakoram allow one to bike all the way up, whilst experiencing the glory of these sublime peaks, followed by biking down into the alpine forests, lush meadows, blue-green rivers and lakes. Cherry  on top are the friendly locals who are the perfect depiction of the hospitality you can find in this region.

However, the whole biking journey can be too challenging for you if you’re new at this sport or run out of stamina quickly.  So, try at your own risk.


Margalla Hills

Lastly, the very famous Margalla Hills also provide a great opportunity for mountain biking. This is an excellent track for the local citizens of Islamabad. From Margalla Road, you can start this fun adventure. The track is surrounded by beautiful trees and mountains which will make your ride an unforgettable one. Many locals, especially youngsters can be found biking here.


We know you must be really excited to try these trails out now, but make sure you’re performing this sport only under careful supervision of highly skilled mountaineers. Stay safe, bikers!