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Pakistan in Pictures – Published in International Media

Pakistan in Pictures – Published in International Media

By Arfa Zahid

The image of Pakistan especially the security situation in the international media was excellent till 2001. Pakistan was a safe place for international tourism. However, after 9/11 things started changing due to alliance with United State in the Afghan war. Security situation remained disrupted due to terrorist attacks throughout the country. especially from 2007 to 2013. There were massive boom blast at public places and against law enforcement agencies which created a wrong image of Pakistan in the international media. The security situation badly effected the image of Pakistan in the international community. Attack of Army Public School in Peshawar by the terrorist was the worse case. Even international players and teams were not willing to come to Pakistan due to this security situation. International community considered Pakistan dangerous country to visit. In addition to the security situation there are other factors due to which Pakistan did not soft image in the eyes of international media. Such as religious intolerance, corruption, social issues and other problems. Another factor Pakistan being the third word country has a poor economy where most of the people are living below poverty line. International organizations such as Transparency International (TI) has graded Pakistan in a high bracket in the index of corruption. Wiki leaks unearth the corrupts practices of leadership in Pakistan.

Things are improving over the passage of time. the international cricket has again started in Pakistan and start of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will be a game changer for Pakistan. Despite all the odds Pakistan has a really strong pointer which are having positive image in international community and media. Pakistan is one of the biggest philanthropist country in the world, Pakistan is ranked as the most beautiful country for tourism in 2019, Pakistan sports are admired by world, Pakistan food is consider to be one of the best, Pakistan truck art is admired by the world, and many more. Pakistan has progressively changing in this decade and proving to international community. Literacy is increasing, Pakistani citizens proving themselves a responsible citizen for their country. If we compare to past decade with this present decade view international  publications in media. international community are getting changed towards Pakistan. But their is still a space of improvement and the international media should also help in promoting the softer image of Pakistan to the international community which is ultimately change the mindsets of the international community. Media is the most important component in changing peoples point of view. As a nation it is our duty to overcome our shortfalls and improve our systems and economy to create improve image of our country in every field. Pakistani youth and overseas can play a major role using the social media platform to improve a better image of Pakistan.