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Packing Bags for your Expedition to Northern Pakistan

Packing Bags for your Expedition to Northern Pakistan

By Noor Tariq

Many people across the country plan trips up North as the weather gets hotter. We know the thought of running miles away from this heat is very exciting. And why wouldn’t it be? Sitting in the green meadows, or rowing a boat while the cold winter breeze gushes against your face; what could be a more ideal situation in the months of June and July? Sadly, this ideal situation can quickly become unideal if you don’t pack right for your expedition to the North.


We know you’re smart enough to already have your sweaters, jackets, coats, scarves and gloves on the list of things to take along, but here’s a list of other items we recommend you pack to make your travel easier:


Waterproof Boots

Hiking through the snow can be an extremely adventurous experience. In fact, the clear white snow you see in Northern Pakistan really just pulls you towards it. But what’s the point of short term fun when there are long term consequences you might have to face? Your shoes can easily get wet, and that means your socks can too. You really don’t want to be falling sick during you trip now, do you?  Neither is it feasible to carry an extra pair of shoes with you at all times. So, to avoid the hassle, make sure you pack a pair of waterproof, or at least water resistant boots with you. We promise it will make your trip much, much easier.


Petroleum Jelly

The cold weather up North can be quite harsh for your skin and your lips. Sadly, a lot of moisturizers you use in your daily routine will fail to protect your skin from becoming extremely dry, once your body is exposed to the cold weather. That can cause a lot of discomfort. Packing petroleum jelly will not just help your skin stay hydrated, but it will also prevent you from having chapped lips. Keep a small tub in your hand carry at all times, to lather on whenever you need. Applying a thick layer of petroleum jelly before sleeping at night can also help restore the natural level of moisture and softness of your face, something you will really be needing.


Thermal Underwear

Thermal is known for its ability to trap body heat, which helps maintain body temperature in cold weather. Packing thermals to wear under your clothes is the best way to keep yourself  from freezing. Not just that, taking thermals along can save you from having to layer up too much, since you can now ditch that extra fat, woolen sweater you were planning to pack with you, which was going to make your bag much heavier.


Electric Kettle

It is true you might not have electricity for most part of the day during your stay in the North. However, for when there is electricity, an electric kettle can be a blessing for the various purposes it can serve. We all know you can obviously make tea in it to warm yourself up a bit, but you can also use it to steam (and relieve) your nose that can easily get congested due to the dry air around you. Similarly, you can boil water in it for some gargles to soothe your dry throat, and you can even fill up a tub of hot water from the kettle, mixed with some cold water from the tap for a warm bath.


Heating Pad

For a peaceful sleep at night, this one is an absolute essential. Sliding a heating pad under your bedsheet can warm up your entire bed in a few minutes – definitely something you will be craving during every single one of your chilly nights. Moreover, in case you’re faced with an unfortunate injury, the same heating pad can also reduce your muscle or joint discomfort.



Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below what other items are on your list of things to take with you.

We hope you have a great trip!