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An Ultimate Guide to Pakistan’s Best Beaches

An Ultimate Guide to Pakistan’s Best Beaches

By Noor Tariq

Pakistan is blessed with natures many bounties. From mountains, to deserts, to rivers to beaches; you can find them all here. Whenever one thinks about beaches though, Karachi is the first city that comes to mind. However, there are many other places with beaches in Pakistan.
Let us show you a few of our favourite ones:

Sapat Beach
Located in the Lasbela district of Balochistan, this beach homes an unusual rock formation known as Bujih Koh — a crag elevating from the sand completely itself. You can also find some caves on the cliffs around this beach, along with an abundance of crabs that find shelter in the water here. The view is absolutely breathtaking when the rays from the moon hit the waves during night time, making the entire beach light up like it has lights installed beneath and over it.

Gadani Beach – Balochistan
The Gadani Beach is one of the worlds largest ship-breaking yards in the world, located in the Hub District of Balochistan. The location of the beach enables one to see the captivating views of the Arabian Sea. Rocky cliffs nestle the beach and make it an ideal venue for bonfires, camping and hiking.

Gwadar Beach – BalochistanAlso known as fishing heaven of Pakistan. This beach lies towards the west of Karachi at a distance of 700 kilometers. The famous Gwadar Port is built on this beach and is an important route for oil tankers. Most of the economy of this area is generated through fishing.

Kund Malir
Situated around 4 hours away from Karachi on the Makran Coastal Highway, Kund Malir is a desert beach with lush blue water which gushes over the white sand that surrounds it. The road to the beach is very scenic and smooth, for all those concerned about the road conditions, however it lacks basic facilities, despite there being a few resorts around the area.

Ormara Beach
Around 108 kilometres from Kund Malir is Ormara beach, situated in the Ormara City of Balochistan. This coastal town is where Alexander the Great stayed with his army for a couple of days after conquering KPK, Punjab and the Sindh regions.
The perfect amalgamation of deep blue waters and grainy white sand can be witnessed here.
Of the many attractions this place offers, the two most popular ones are camping and bonfire next to the beach. Besides these, you can also enjoy some water-sports activities here, like scuba diving and surfing.

Astola Beach
This picturesque beach is known for its marine biodiversity, which is why it is also Pakistan’s first Marine Protected Area. The Astola Island is home to many Green Turtles who have made their nesting grounds here. Moreover, dolphins, whales and even endangered species of fish can be found in the waters here. Beautiful sandy beaches and short rugged mountains are what make this island an absolute pleasure to visit.

Sonmiani Beach – Balochistan

Sonmiani is a small village where people go for fishing. It is located towards North west of Karachi. Local people here earn by catching fish and selling it during the fishing season. Travel addicts and yoga lovers should definitely visit this place to experience the calm and beauty it offers.