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11 Wildest Places in Pakistan for a Serious Adventure

11 Wildest Places in Pakistan for a Serious Adventure

By Noor Tariq

Wild places are closest to nature which express an unmatched beauty. Pakistan has the world’s most beautiful wild places which demand a must visit. The northern areas of Pakistan and Kashmir region are full of astounding beauty.

These areas are being acknowledged all over the world for the lush green valleys, beautiful lakes, mountains with their peaks touching the sky and amazing wildlife. These places are no less than Paradise on Earth and have been a major attraction point for tourists. Let’s have a look at the wildest places where you cannot miss some serious adventure. Let’s wander around:

Cholistan Jeep Rally
In the majestic desert of Cholistan, the biggest motor sports event of Pakistan takes place every year. More than 100 racers from all across the country participate in this off-road race, that covers three major districts of Punjab, organized by the TDCP. The route of the rally is 500 kilometres long, and includes the main forts of the desert, such as the Dingarh, Marrot, and Bhijnot Fort, to name a few.

Skybridge Zip line
Constructed in the Cherat Hill station of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Skybridge Zipline is an adventurous facility which has proved to be a great attraction for tourists. The zipline is 1.6 kilometres long, which makes it the first of its kind. It is also known to be the most longest zipline of Asia. It overlooks the picturesque view of Maroba valley to the east and a glimpse of Saleh Khana – Jallozai to the west.

Sarfaranga Cold Desert Rally
The worlds highest desert, with an altitude of nearly 7303 feet is located in Skardu Valley, Gilgit Baltistan. The desert is covered in a blanket of white sand, alongside which the beautiful River Indus flows, coupled with the views of snow capped peaks, and sand dunes. The second largest motorsports events, known as the thrilling Katpana Jeep Rally, takes place in the Cold Desert annually, with participants from all across Pakistan joining in.


Mangla Water Resort
Mangla Dam is located at a 1.5 hour drive from Islamabad. This lush green cantonment offers various water-sport activities for its visitors; perfect for an adventurous day trip. You can choose from a wide range of activities, such as jet skiing, water skiing, canoeing, parasailing, boating, water cycling and much more. Their Raft Café allows you to enjoy your meal on the raft, right in the middle of the dam.

Malam Jabba Ski Resort
This beautiful ski resort is located in the Hindu Kush mountains of the Swat Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Here, you can opt for an 800 meter long ski run, a chairlift or zip lining experience to get the best view of the mountains, or trek your way through the majestic valley. Each activity is an extremely thrilling adventure in itself.

Gorakh Hill
Gorakh Hill is the highest point in Sindh province of Pakistan which is at a height of 5668 feet. This is a strong attraction for many tourists due to its beautiful surroundings and elevations. Unluckily, Government hasn’t paid any interest in promoting this place by providing suitable facilities for the tourists. But many still go to enjoy an feel the flawless beauty.


K2 Base Camp
Can you imagine what trekking on the second highest peak in the world feels like? If you’re someone who’s really looking to challenge your physical strength and capabilities, take a 14 day trek up and down the magnificent K2 mountain. The trail to the base camp takes you to Concordia, from where you can witness K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II; four peaks that are 8000 meters long, all from one place. One can truly see Gods majesty here.

Kalash Valley
Many travelers crave to visit China to hike through the mountains and villages made out of bamboo. However the same views can be seen in the Chitral District of Pakistan which provide similar sightseeing of structures made of bamboo and wood. The whole scene of Kalash Valley is so amazing which takes you back in old times of Hollywood movie sets. In short, it is a great source of refreshment and a must place to visit.

Shandur Polo Ground
This is the highest Polo ground on earth and is at a height of 3738 meters above sea level. It lies midway between Chitral and Gilgit. A grand event by the name of Shandur Polo festival is arranged each year which attracts tourists from all over the country. This is a great show for the Polo lovers in which contestants play against each other front to front. Coming here in winters is a wonderful adventure as the slopes are fully covered with snow and roads are mostly closed due to excessive snowfall. Shandur Pas is not a densely populated area having few signs of life. The polo ground comes at a distance of 168km from Chitral and can be reached through jeep.

Ratti Gali Lake Trekking
Known as the gem of Azad Kashmir, the Ratti Gali Lake ranks in the top 10 Lakes of Pakistan. Water in the lake is supplied through the enormous glaciers of Karakoram. To enthral yourself with the adventurous trekking experience this place offers, you first need to get on a 2 hour long jeep drive which takes you to the base camp area, from where you can begin your trek for the lake.
Don’t worry if you want the experience but don’t have the stamina for trekking, you can always get help from a horse.

Winter Games in Naltar
In the oldest ski resort of Pakistan, winter games take place every year, which are organised by the Airforce of Pakistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tourism Corporation. The games offer opportunities for more than 100 skiers and other winter sports players from all over the country to contend in competitions for alpine skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, and ice skating. People from all across Pakistan specially travel to Gilgit Baltistan to witness this event.