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Seven Things to Pack for Winter Travelling in Twin Cities

Seven Things to Pack for Winter Travelling in Twin Cities

By Noor Tariq

While any time is the best time to take a trip to the twin cities, winter traveling makes your trip even more magical. The sky is an icy blue with cirrus clouds, the trees are green, yellow and red while the snow-capped hills gives anyone no reason not to go for hiking and picnics.

However, one should carefully consider what to pack for winter traveling at this time.

To anyone who lives in Lahore or Karachi reading this, you really don’t want to be remembered as that person who was shivering from the cold, complaining about the weather constantly or, worse, getting a cold. These give the twin-cities’ dwellers plenty reason to either make fun of you or get annoyed by you.

So let us guide you with your packing:


Heating Pad

You’ll probably be dreaming about your warm and cozy bed while you’re out and about, exploring the twin cities during the day. What a bummer must it be when you find your dreams shattered once you return home? You can save yourself from this if you take a heating pad along. Just slide it under your bedspread to fall into the perfect, deep slumber.


Thick Socks

Many of us experience extremely chilly feet during the winter season. Keeping different types of fuzzy, wool socks in your bag pack can save you from the hassle of packing warm shoes with you, which will obviously help saves up a lot of space in your suitcase, for the other winter essentials that you must take along with you.

Fleece/Velvet Leggings

If you’re someone who feels all the cold in the world attacks your legs, be sure to take along a good pair of warm leggings with you. You don’t want your legs to be shivering throughout the journey. You can wear the leggings on their own, or layer up by wearing your most comfortable pair of denim on top.


Chapstick and Moisturizer

Its not just the scorching heat that sucks up all the moisture from our skin, extreme cold can be very drying too. Make sure to pack all sorts of moisturizers with you, be them chopsticks, lotions, or face creams; you’ll most likely be needing them all.


This item will help you have a great winter traveling while keeping you warm and toasty. Long or short, it should be of a heavy material and keep you from freezing. Even if you have just one in your bag will ensure that you fit right in and have a blast while traveling. For those who will be spending their time hiking up in the hills, a waterproof coat or even a puffer coat is handy.



Your neck is a part of your body which mostly remains uncovered. It is a no brainer that heat escapes your system from parts of your skin that are exposed. This is exactly where scarves save the day.

Pack 1-2 scarves with you, not just to keep your neck warm, but to also keep your ears, mouth and nose protected against the harsh cold. An absolute cherry on top is, you can pair your scarves with your dull outfits to bring them to life.



Lastly but most importantly, don’t forget to take along some essential medicines with you. Winter comes with a lot of respiratory issues, such as colds and flus. You don’t want these illnesses to get the best of your trip, so it’s better you prepare for them ahead of time.

Always keep some Strepsils, Panadols and your motion sickness medication on hand.