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How to Feast in Islamabad on PKR 1000 Budget

How to Feast in Islamabad on PKR 1000 Budget

By Noor Tariq

Most commonly known as the “posh” city of Pakistan, it takes a resident to show you the most economical places to feast in Islamabad. But lets be very clear about one thing – cheap doesn’t mean crap. Some of the most lip smacking foods can be the most affordable as well. Check out our top picks for affordable restaurants in Islamabad. 


Fat Moes 

Unlike many restaurants that closed down during the pandemic, Fat Moes thrived during it, owing to it’s unmatchable beef burgers. This small eatery has gained much attention in the past 2 months, selling over 70 burgers per day. 

Each burger on the menu costs less than PKR 1000, however there is no compromise on quality as every ingredient is sourced from the best suppliers, ensuring best value for money.

The juicy caramelized beef patty, coupled with melted cheddar cheese, a lightly toasted potato bun, Fat Moes special sauce and homemade pickles leaves you craving more. You simply cannot get enough of their best seller, the Double Smash Beef Burger. 

Double Smash Burger

Price: PKR 600

Hot n Spicy F-10 

The most mouthwatering roll parathas known nationwide have finally made their way to Islamabad’s food scene. 

Karachi’s authentic Hot n Spicy recently opened its branch in Tariq Market, Islamabad. 

Their Chicken Crispy Roll is filled with garlic mayo, crispy chicken (as the name suggests 🤤), tangy chutney and salad, all rolled up in the most crispy paratha ever – simply to die for. 

Once cannot leave without having more than one. But that’s the good news, it’s so affordable you can even have as many as 4 under PKR 1000. Their Chicken Makhni Handi is also a divine combination of succulent meat, butter and spices – a perfect choice for dinner.  Budget food just doesn’t get better than this. 

Price: PKR 220

Price: PKR 880

Quetta Chaye F-7 

Who isn’t aware of Quetta Chaye’s scrumptious Cheese Parathas? Thanks to travel vlogger, Luke Damant for discovering this absolute gem and bringing it to our notice. 

When you bite into this delicacy, the cheese oozes right into the mouth. Its simply a treat for the mouth and definitely for the eyes, too. 

Pair it up with a cup of hot karak chaye and you’ll have the most affordable and delectable breakfast ever! You’ll definitely experience yourself going for seconds. 

OD2D café 

If you’re a student, chances are you’re always on the hunt for budget friendly places. 

Here’s the good news; it does not get more affordable than this. This small outdoor setup is the king of budget friendly places. It offers Chinese, Pastas, Burgers, BBQ and Steaks, all for less than PKR 320 ($2). What more can you wish for? 

The best part is, there is absolutely no compromise on the quality of taste and variety of food offered. 

The Chicken Shashlik with Rice and Buffalo wings have our hearts. 🤤 Thank us later! 

Price: PKR 320

Price: PKR 320

The Burger Co. F-11 

Unlike TBC’s Beverly branch, this branch offers a limited variety of absolutely scrumptious burgers for all those on a budget. 

TBC Signature and TBC Chicken both are the stars of the menu. They are loaded with flavors that are bound to make you return for more. 

You can quench your thirst for the juiciest burgers here. So, what are you waiting for? Bless your tastebuds right away!! 

Price: PKR 490

Price: PKR 550

Lokal Eat Out

Last but not least, this is the place to go for you if you’re looking for an extremely affordable menu with a heavenly food experience. Lokal offers a generous amount of options for all the food lovers out there. You can choose from their Steaks, to their Chicken Entrees, to their starters, to their desserts; everything is made to perfection. However, we recommend getting your food packed for takeaway because the ambience isn’t too great here. 

Oh, and, make sure to check their Nachos and Paninis out. We guarantee you a delectable experience!! 

Price: PKR 500