Seven Things to Pack for Winter Traveling in Twin Cities

While any time is the best time to take a trip to the twin cities, winter traveling further makes your trip magical. The sky is an icy blue with cirrus clouds, the trees are green, yellow and red while the snow-capped hills gives anyone no reason not to go for hiking and picnics.

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However, one should carefully consider what to pack for winter traveling at this time. To anyone who lives in Lahore or Karachi reading this, you really don’t want to be remembered as that person who was shivering from the cold, complaining about the weather constantly or, worse, getting a cold. These give the twin-cities’ dwellers plenty reason to either make fun of you or get annoyed by you. So let us guide you with your packing:

1. Keep Walking Shoes for Winter Traveling

TrulyPakistan - Winter Traveling Shoes

TrulyPakistan – Winter Traveling

Image Source: Bright on The Day

Being a hilly area, walking around the twin-cities, winter traveling can be challenging at times as the ground is pretty uneven. Moreover, during winters, getting cold feet will not only make your walk difficult, it can get you a cold as well. Loafers, joggers or slip-ons that have a sturdy sole and cover your feet are highly recommended. Boots are quite good as they will keep your feet warm, as long as they are flat or have very short heels.

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2. A Heavy Coat for Winter Traveling

TrulyPakistan - Winter Traveling Winter Coat

TrulyPakistan – Winter Traveling Winter Coat

Image Source: Travel and Leisure

This item will help you have a great winter traveling while keeping you warm and toasty. Long or short, it should be of a heavy material and keep you from freezing. Even if you have just one in your bag will ensure that you fit right in and have a blast while traveling. For those who will be spending their time hiking up in the hills, a waterproof coat or even a puffer coat is handy.

3. Anything in Cotton and Wool for Winter Traveling

TrulyPakistan - Winter Traveling - Woolen Cloths

TrulyPakistan – Winter Traveling – Woolen Cloths

Image Source: Good Free Photos

When traveling in Rawalpindi and Islamabad in winters, you’re much better off with clothes that are thick, woolly and keep you from freezing whether you’re inside or out. Sweaters are your best friends while a good cotton shirt is handy at such a weather and winter traveling. Thick socks are a staple for the times when you will be hiking. And instead of a shawl, take a cardigan or a hoodie with you when you are inside; it’s both light and warm.

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4. A Digital Camera for Winter Traveling

TrulyPakistan - Winter Traveling - Digital Camera

TrulyPakistan – Winter Traveling – Digital Camera

Image Source: Breath Travel

A phone camera isn’t too bad to keep around for winter traveling, but it won’t be sufficient when you want to take a picture of those trees by the roadside or that snow-capped hills along the way to Monal or Murree. A digital camera will make every picture you take there a masterpiece as well as give you Instagram-worthy DPS. Further, if not that, a phone camera which has an option of DSLR-like settings will do justice as well.

5. An Umbrella for Winter Traveling

TrulyPakistan - Winter Traveling - Umbrella

TrulyPakistan – Winter Traveling – Umbrella

Image Source: The Sunny Side of This

The winter rains in the twin-cities can be never-ending at times, as well as a sure-fire way to catch a cold. Though a waterproof coat is pretty good, pack an umbrella for those times when it’s raining relentlessly and to protect your coat. To enjoy the rain, get a transparent umbrella with you when you are sightseeing. It will be a magical!

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6. Anything Waterproof

TrulyPakistan - Winter Traveling - Waterproof Bag

TrulyPakistan – Winter Traveling – Waterproof Bag

Image Source: Travel and Leisure

For serious travelers and hikers alike, you will need items that will keep the water and snow at bay. A waterproof bag pack is great as any items inside will not get wet immediately or spoiled. Any gear used for hiking should be water-resistant as well. And for those who love taking photos with a camera, pack those that are water-resistant so they will not get destroyed when taking shots of the snow or rain.

Hot Water Bottle

TrulyPakistan - Winter Traveling - Hot Water Bottle

TrulyPakistan – Winter Traveling – Hot Water Bottle

Image Source: Pluska

Is there anything better than a hot water bottle in winter traveling? You can just stash one under your blankets so that you can enjoy a warm bed as soon as you hop in. No one wants to slip in between ice-cold sheets! Get yours as well before going and put it in your winter traveling kit.

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So, what are you taking on your first snow trip in winter traveling? Is there something we missed? Share it below so we will update our post here and we don’t leave without it. If you want to contribute information on your Travelogue feel free to contact as. Further if you want to add something to the list, it is totally open and you can update by contacting us here: Also if you want TrulyPakistan to arrange trips and hangout with you in Pakistan, be our guest buddy!

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