How to Reach Margalla Hills in No Time!

TrulyPakistan is taking all of you to Margalla Hills and around LIVE through their Facebook. Peeps can tag along for amazing Virtual Tour around the hills..

TrulyPakistan -Live from Margalla Hills

TrulyPakistan -Live

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Let’s Explore Margalla Hills

The Margalla Hills is a hill range from the foothills of the Himalayas. It is located within the Margalla Hills National Park preserved by Government of Pakistan (Check This Out: Margalla Hills National Park) towards the north of Islamabad, Pakistan. Its popular hill stations include Daman-e-Koh as well as Pir Sohawa. The Margalla Hills are a great place to view the whole city of Islamabad where you can see the skyline of the city as well as Rawal Lake’s view can be clearly seen. One can go there to relax, walk, hike, picnic, cycling and camping with friends and family over the weekends. It is full of hiking trails that make their way up towards ridgetops and down through forested valleys. There are 6 trails in the Margalla Hills open for public hiking and trekking.

These trails trekking range from short walks up to three days expert excursions. All of them are full of natural views and beauty. You may find streams of fresh springs flowing through as well.

It’s almost impossible that Islamabad miss out good cuisine and food tagged along. As we go up top we can find places such as Monal Restaurant and further ahead, Highland Country Club to enjoy good food.

At the foothills of Margalla, places like Islamabad Zoo and Japanese Park catch tourist’s attraction. Faisal Mosque, the biggest mosque in Asia is also present just along the hills. Islamabad enjoys recreational activities in style as well. It has Shalimar Cricket Ground at the Margalla Avenue where lads can play in the awesome environment.

In order to reach the Hills, Margalla road and Pir Sohawa road are good and standard roads. Apart from this, Grant Trunk Road (GT Road) is also a good option to reach the place.

Guide Map of Margalla Hills

Join Us Live From Margalla Hills

It’s going to be an exciting adventure this weekend. Join us live at 08:00 AM (Pakistan Standard Time) on Sunday from Pakistan. It is 11:00 PM (Eastern Time) Saturday from USA. We will be taking you live through the beautiful places around the Hills. It will be a great opportunity for people who haven’t visited this place. We will be exploring amazing scenes and eye-catching beauty of the Margalla and around.

Road to Margalla Hills - Daman e Koh

Road to Margalla Hills – Daman e Koh

Picture Credits: TrulyPakistan Blog

If you want to be part of our Virtual Tour, you can reach us on our Official Facebook Page: TrulyPakistan or follow us on Twitter at @TrulyPakistan and be part of the Wonderful Adventure. Also, you can join us on our website which is:

TrulyPakistan Live from Margalla Hills

TrulyPakistan Live from Margalla Hills

Picture Credits: TrulyPakistan Blog

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In the end we would just like to say that Pakistan is such a beauty! Let’s Explore the Unexplored together…

Episode No. 1 – Margalla Tour Roundup

Here is the first virtual tour arranged for our virtual travelers, readers and followers:

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