Pakistan! A Favorite Destination for Chinese Tourists

Pakistan aiming a huge turnaround for travel and tourism from all around the globe. Specially attracting Chinese Tourists. They aim to come to Pakistan for Business visits as well as for leisure.

BEIJING: With better Law & Order situation in Pakistan more and more foreign tourists are applying for visas for the country. Reported by a newspaper in China, the number of applicants seeking Pakistani visa have seen an incredible increase. More Chinese tourists are planning to pay a visit to Pakistan today than it was ever before.

First of all, tourists aim to go see places along with seeking opportunities for extending their business from China. A leading Online Travel agency in China, CTrip Visa Center, they deal with Chinese Tourists. They told that there are new tourist destinations as top choices of outbound Chinese Tourists. Moreover, they prefer Pakistan as their next tourist destination.

China Daily Newspaper States Chinese Travelers

China Daily one of China’s mainstream newspaper mentioned Pakistan as dark horse this year. In their opinion the strong ties between Pakistan and China many Chinese Tourists are putting Pakistan on the top list of their outbound traveling plans.

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Pakistan’s strong favored take on Chinese issues concerning the South China Sea, Tibet and Taiwan won huge praise and support from Chinese Travel bloggers as well. Even shared brotherhood and friendly relationship between Pakistan and China, Pakistan couldn’t attract too many international travelers due to its unstable situation.

Chinese Tourists - TrulyPakistan

Chinese Tourists – TrulyPakistan

Picture Credits: Marketing to China

In 2015, Chinese Tourists paid around $120 million visits to countries and places outside Chinese mainland. Most of them went to Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Japan and Taiwan in Asia and South East Asia. Chinese Tourists also paid majority of visits to United States, UK and Britain outside Asia.

Chinese visa authority representative said that Chinese Travelers ought to go on outbound tours and it will keep growing in coming years; however, their preferences are diverting overtime.

In addition, the heat map for World Tourism shows that the popular tourist destinations are losing visitors. For example, France is receiving less Chinese Tourists due to the terrorist attacks. Simultaneously, Chinese tourists are tending to explore new tourism destinations gradually.

Furthermore, the trend shared by Visa Office for Chinese Travelers shows the trend for the first half of the year. Besides Pakistan, they are also traveling towards countries like Kenya, Finland, Egypt, South Africa and Iceland.

TrulyPakistan’s Take on Chinese Tourists

Pakistan has a multi-fold edge for Chinese Tourists with shared borders along with the inauguration of CPEC in the country. Also, China-Pakistan coordination and cooperation can work out well for facilitating more and more travelers coming to Pakistan.

Chinese Tourists to Pakistan - TrulyPakistan

Chinese Travelers to Pakistan – TrulyPakistan

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