Do you like Challenges? Then I Dare you to find this Boarding Pass!

If you’re someone who is fascinated and intrigued by mysteries and puzzles then I have something interesting for you. has found a fun way to giveaway discount vouchers to customers by making them take part in a challenging yet really fun contest.

The online travel portal Sastaticket has launched a contest on the official Sastaticket Facebook Page in which participants have to locate a boarding pass in a 360 – degree picture.

Simple right? Not exactly. The boarding pass has cleverly been camouflaged into the picture and is really hard to find!

Think you’re up to the challenge? Then follow these simple steps to Facebook Contest!

If you manage to find the boarding pass take a snapshot of it and inbox it to the sastaticket team. Next, to validate your submission, share the post on your own timeline and tag sastaticket.

On the flip side if we do manage to stump you then tag your friends inthe comments section and let’s see if they can find it.

Participants of the competition will get a chance towin a mystery prizefrom the sastaticket team that is really worth fighting for. So get ready, put on your glasses, and let’s get looking. Best of luck!contest-2

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