Amazing Independence Day as Celebrated in Pakistan

Independence Day is an official holiday all over Pakistan on August 14. All governmental, non-governmental offices, private organizations, educational institutions, post offices, and major markets are closed all day long.

The day started with a 31-gun salute in the Islamabad alongside a 21-gun salute in every provincial capital. Also, flag lifting functions were held in the province and federal capital and change of guard service was held at Mazar-e-Quaid.

Independence Day of Pakistan - TrulyPakistan

Independence Day of Pakistan – TrulyPakistan

Picture Credits: Pakistan Wagha Border

Furthermore, in the main event held in the federal capital of Pakistan, held in Convention Center. Prime Minister and President hoisted the National flag.

Essentially, the fundamental function of the day was held at Islamabad’s Convention Center, where President and Prime Minister of Pakistan raised the national flag.

Independence Day - TrulyPakistan

Independence Day – TrulyPakistan

Picture Credits: TrulyPakistan

While the ceremony in the morning special transmissions on national channels were arranged as marathon transmissions. This was to highlight the importance of Independence Day of Pakistan. Moreover, the hosts and the guests all emphasized that freedom is a blessing of Almighty and we all should be thankful to have one!

Importance of Independence Day:

Parliament House - Independence Day - TrulyPakistan

Parliament House – Independence Day – TrulyPakistan

Picture Credits: Parliament House

Most of all, this Independence Day of Pakistan, which is held annually on every August 14. It celebrates the country’s independence from the British rule in 1947. Moreover, the day promptly promotes patriotism and unity among all Pakistanis living in the country and abroad.

Check out this amazing performance by Army at Wagha Border:

Independence Day Parade – TrulyPakistan from Truly Pakistan.

Individuals all over Pakistan observe Azadi Day with enthusiastic get-up-and-go. We see a lot of people coming out on national highways with their cars and bikes with specially decorated Pakistani flags all over their vehicles. So, individuals going to the Independence Day celebrations spruce up in green and white. Moreover, families visit National Landmarks and places of National essentials to observe Independence Day. Also, this is additional time to meet their relatives, exchange endowments and visit recreational spots.

Independence Day - TrulyPakistan

Pakistani girls hold national flags as they sing national songs during the Independence Day ceremony celebrations in Islamabad, 14 August.

Picture Credits: Parliament House

Government of Pakistan hoists National flag on all public buildings including Parliament House, Presidency and Supreme Court. Participation from private organizations also concatenate with the government’s plan to celebrate. They celebrate by colorfully decorating private buildings and offices. General people hoist national flags on top of their homes to show connectivity, patriotism and love for the country.

The main charm of the celebrations are the fireworks which goes out in the air to light up the sky with beautiful colors in the eve of Independence Day. Government celebrates it by organized fireworks exactly when the clock struck 12 in the midnight.

Independence Day - TrulyPakistan

Independence Day – TrulyPakistan

Picture Credits: Pakistan Military Academy

Furthermore, the official colors of Pakistan are Green and White as represented in the flag. They represent prosperity and good fortune.

Azadi Celebrations in Islamabad

Finally, check out this Amazing Video of celebrations for Azadi Day in Islamabad at 12:01 am.

14 August Celebrations – TrulyPakistan from Truly Pakistan.

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