Experience Safe Summer Travelling with these Health Tips

With increasing waves of temperature and humidity in monsoon season in Pakistan, majority people will move to colder places for some summer fun like Naran, Kaghan and Northern Valleys. But at the same time, active vacations are remembered where all family members stay safe.

While travelling, family is away from normal routines of eating and sleeping. In short, there are chances to get sick especially kids as they take some time to adjust themselves to new air environment. Wherever you go travelling, we want you to stay safe. These safety tips start from the planning phase and continue once you come back.

1. Travel Packing List

how to pack vacation - Checklist TrulyPakistan

How to Pack Vacation – Checklist TrulyPakistan

This depends on the destination where you have planned to go. The health recommendations and precautions should be considered for that specific area and the health travel bag needs to be customized for different places. Prepare a Travel Health Kit containing essential medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs, motion sickness medicines, sunscreens, band aids insect repellants, antiseptic creams etc.

2. Vaccinations

Vaccinations Before You Go - TrulyPakistan

Vaccinations Before You Go – TrulyPakistan

If any vaccines are required for that destination, consult your health specialist at least 4 to 6 weeks before leaving. Consult for other complications also in case of any allergies.

3. Sleeping Patterns

Sleeping Pattern - Checklist TrulyPakistan

Sleeping Pattern – Checklist TrulyPakistan

Sleep is the foremost thing which is disturbed when you step outside your home. Change of sleep schedule can make your body feel tired and exhausted. To overcome this problem, take plenty of rest before your journey, even go to sleep when in car or in plane. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

4. Fresh Edibles

Fresh Organic Edibles - TrulyPakistan

Fresh Organic Edibles – TrulyPakistan

Children are in a danger to get attacked from scorching heat. Give them fresh fruits and cut up veggies regularly. If you are travelling by car, do not ever leave your kids alone inside the car as the temperature gets elevated to extreme levels.

5. Eating Precautions

Eating Precautions while Travelling - TrulyPakistan

Eating Precautions while Travelling – TrulyPakistan

Now that you have gone to a new place for enjoyment, eat local cuisine with great care. Check whether its fully cooked or not, then eat it. For drinking, only use sealed, bottled beverages. Everyone wants to fully enjoy the Summer travel without wasting much time in the bathroom.

6. Safe Swimming


Friends Swimming Underwater – Image by © Royalty Free/Corbis

Even if you are a good swimmer, do not attempt to swim alone in a new area. Do not leave your kids unattended while they are having fun. Always take your life jackets and floaters in your travel packing list.

7. Travel Car Inspection

Travel Car Inspection - TrulyPakistan

Travel Car Inspection – TrulyPakistan

The car through which you plan to travel should be inspected for perfection. A tour to workshop is important to get its brakes, tires, wipers, battery and lights checked. Keep all essential car tools with you in case of any emergency.

8. Bedbugs Safety

Bed Bugs Safety - TrulyPakistan

Bed Bugs Safety – TrulyPakistan

Yes, Bedbugs!! They can be found in any hotel room even a high budgeted one. By using these precautions, you can stay away from them at max. Always pack your clothes in sealed plastic bags. Check your room for any small sized bugs and blood spots on the mattress or on the furniture. Put your luggage on a rack instead of dumping it on the floor or on the furniture. Do not put any garment in the hotel room cupboards or drawers. Once you get back, wash all your clothes even those which were not worn.

9. Post Travel Precautions

Post Travel Precautions

Post Travel Precautions – TrulyPakistan

After coming back, always consult your doctor if you are not feeling well even at slightest. The doctor should be informed that you were out for vacations. Have thorough checkup done and administer medications if required.

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