Sindh /sɪnd/ (Sindhi: سنڌ‎ (Perso- Arabic) ; Urdu: سندھ‎ ; Latin: Indus ; is one of the five provinces of Pakistan, located in the south east of the country. Historically home to the Sindhi people, it is also locally known as the Mehran. The name "Sindh" is derived from the Sanskrit Sindhu, a reference to the Indus River that passes almost through the middle of the State.

Sindh is also proud of having acquired fame as Bab-ul-Islam (Gateway to Islam in the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent). The province of Sindh has two gigantic seaports and both are located in Karachi. The biggest international airport of Pakistan is also situated in Karachi and is widely known as Qaid-e-Azam International airport.

The province has a diverse industrialized economy which emphasizes on manufacturing, education and agriculture development. It is a major exporter of fruit and vegetables to other parts of the country. Sindh is distinguished for its local culture and diverse geography, which includes the Kirthar Mountains in the west, desert landscape in the east, and Arabian Sea to the south. Its climate is noted for hot summers and mild winters.

The Sindh province and the people inhabiting the region are named after the river known as the Sindhu before independence and now called the Indus River. The Greeks who conquered Sindh in 325 BC under the command of Alexander the Great rendered it as Indós, hence the modernIndus. The ancient Iranians referred to everything east of the river Indus as hind from the word Sindh..