8 Travel Essentials for Females On The Go!

The feeling of going on a trip, hanging out with friends and families, getting to see new locations and discovering new cultures is absolutely mesmerizing. When it comes to females, the excitement is even greater because they can already envision new shopping avenues!

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So, today we’ll be discussing travel essentials for female travelers. Despite all the adrenaline rush before going on a trip, the biggest hassle for everyone is packing. What to keep what not to keep and what to totally discard? This exercise of picking and choosing can become particularly tedious if you do not plan well. While men can easily get away with a few things, women often have a truck load of belongings before they head off. Keeping a lot of things while travelling can make the process difficult so what are some of the travel essentials which offer the best solution for women?

Well here we have a complete list of things for all the ladies who plan on hitting the road soon. Rest assured these things will make your journey easy, enjoyable and hassle free.

1. Good Pair of Jeans

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This is on the top of my list of travel essentials to carry because a good pair of jeans can actually help you save up a lot of space. Just pick one of your most favorite and most comfortable pair of jeans to carry and one can easily use them throughout the journey. There would be no need to carry extra clothes and with two or three good tops you can use the jeans whenever and in whatever way you like! So this is a must keep in your travel essentials kit.

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2. Better to Carry Your Favorite Book in Travel Essentials Kit

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A lot of people might disagree and might not even consider this item but a good book can prove to be your best travel partner and a best fir for your travel essentials kit. If you feel bored during the journey or have found a great spot which creates an urge to read then just take the book out of the bag and start reading. It gives so much pleasure, one needs to try it out. My favorite ones while travelling are books by Elif Shafak and Paulo Coelho.

3. Keep an Extra Phone Battery or Power Bank in Your Travel Essentials Kit

TrulyPakistan - Power BanksFor Travel Essentials – Image Source: GadgetFlow

One should always plan out the travel essentials before leaving the house, sometimes journeys can be really long and even if you have the best phones in the world; excluding the iPhone Series because their batteries suck ; the batteries cannot last for more than six to seven hours. So always carry an extra phone battery or a good power bank solution to be on the safe side. For all the girls it would be ideal since your phone would not switch off and your parents won’t get a chance to panic! Keep it in the Travel Essentials Kit and you’ll be saved from all kinds of connectivity hassles.

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4. An Emergency Toolkit for Travel Essentials Kit

TrulyPakistan - Travel Essentials KitFor Travel Essentials – Image Source: GearJunkie

Remember our mothers always used to say better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret. Guess what, the saying perfectly fits in when you are travelling. While travelling you may come across unexpected challenges and problems so always be equipped. Include small items like band aid, pain reliever and extra cotton. A Swiss Travel Essentials toolkit can come handy as well.

5. Small Makeup Bag

TrulyPakistan - Travel Essentials KitFor Travel Essentials – Image Source: TrendHunter

Let us all accept that makeup is an important part of every girl’s life but it is not your whole life. While travelling only keep the essentials, the ones you cannot live without e.g. a good lip shade or mascara. Do not overload the bag with eye shades and base and all those items which will only create clutter. Keep it simple and minimum, carry all the things in a small pouch so they are not misplaced.

6. Sunblock and Skin Lotion

TrulyPakistan - Travel Essentials KitFor Travel Essentials – Image Source: First Aid Beauty

The one thing which girls completely ignore yet is the most quintessential item: Sunblock and Skin Lotion. Firstly a humble request to all girls please stop assuming that sunblock should only be used in summers. It should be used all year round whether its summer or winter. While travelling to Northern areas it is even more important that girls apply their sunblock and keep it with them all the time. The sun rays and sudden weather change could be damaging for the skin hence protect it. So is a must keep in your travel essentials kit.

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7. Keep EarPods, Headphones and Eye Mask in Your Travel Essentials Kit

TrulyPakistan - Travel Essentials KitFor Travel Essentials – Image Source: Metro UK

Good songs and good journeys have a very strong connection therefore if you want to enjoy the travelling part then carry your headphones along and listen to your favorite songs. It will also help you to filter out all other noises and help you to travel in peace. While you feel dizzy you can have eye masks. If the surrounding is too noisy and you want some quite corner, ear-pods always come handy in that situation. Keep all of these items in your Travel Essentials Kit.

8. Wet Tissues and Wipes

TrulyPakistan - Travel Essentials KitFor Travel Essentials – Image Source: Vagaro

After a really long journey your face may be really worn out so wet tissues or wipes can be extremely helpful. Just rub your face with some wet tissues and it will instantly give a fresh look to your face. Hope these small items make your journey smooth and experiences better!

It’s time to sign-off from this post. Do comment on this post, Share it with your friends who love travelling as this may save them big time from miss management of their Travel Essentials kit. You can reach us with your suggestions and even if you want to add something in this travel essentials kit you are all welcome!

Article by: Ayesha Sheikh

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