8 Pakistani Trips of the Lifetime You Can’t Miss

Here comes the most awaited vacations of summer and for the wanderlust cases, the question starts “Where are we going for traveling this time?” If you are still in the category of making your bucket list ready, Truly Pakistan is here to help. We have listed out 8 trips that need to be embarked by everyone in their lifetime.

Let’s dig out deeper.

1. Experience the best of Capitals

Islamabad has been serving as the Capital of Pakistan since the sixties. One of the cities you can’t afford to miss out if you are traveling in Asia. This city has been built on a carefully organized plan. The streets are beautifully lined up with tress and withholds the best of nature. Nature lovers should never skip out this place from their list as it is a place for relaxation and ecstatic beauty.

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Margalla Hills completely surround this amazing place and many rare species of leopards, deer, birds and porcupines are found at the foothill of Himalayas. Islamabad offers many hiking areas which end at Daman-e-Koh, a place from where whole city can be viewed including the modern Faisal Mosque and amazing Rawal Dam. In Islamabad, The top ranking hotels are Serena Hotel as a five star hotel chain in Pakistan and Marriott Hotel a four star, where you can create some good memories of your travel tour. Let’s roam around in Islamabad quickly:

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2. Traveling Up-North

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of visitors traveling to Northern Areas in Pakistan. Many families and newlywed couples prefer spending their vacations in mountains. These places include Shogran Valley in Mansehra, Neelam Valley in Azad Kashmir, Malam Jabba in Swat Region and Hunza Valley in Gilgit Baltistan.

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Due to the increasing number of tourists moving to such regions, all sorts of facilities have been vastly improved. The major plus point is the peace which people are deprived of in their normal routines and therefore they move to have some tranquility. Check out this amazing video compiled traveling to one of the places in northern areas of Pakistan:

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3. Meeting Snow Leopards and Markhor

Wildlife in Pakistan brings it to limelight as well with rare species presence in the area. Snow Leopard is a beautiful animal of white to smokey grey color. Spots of black to dark grey color are patterned throughout the body which are covered by yellow tinged fur. This rare specie of Leopard exist at a height of 3000 to 4500 meters in the mountains of Himalaya up north. This specie is termed as an endangered one but many wildlife organizations are joining hands to preserve this specie.

You can find more information on Snow Leopard here: WWF Pakistan – Snow Leopard

Another wonderful animal also marks as the “National Animal” is Markhor. It is interestingly an important snow leopard’s prey. Markhor is a majestic wild goat which have made their comeback in Pakistan and there are over 1500 Markhors existing here.

Check out this amazing documentary on Snow Leopard of Pakistan:

If you are adventurer you can’t resist getting a sight of these cats and goats!

4. One of Twenty Nine National Parks in Pakistan – Deosai

Deosai plains are amongst the highest plateaus in the world which is at an average height of 13,500 meters above sea level. The total area of Deosai Plains is 3,58,400 hectares which is natural home to wildlife. Deosai Plains cover an area of almost 3000 kilometers which is snow bound from November till May. However when the snow melts in summers, it is accessible from Skardu and the Astore Valley from north and west respectively.

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The Himalayan Brown Bear is found in the natural habitats of Deosai Plains who once used to roam about in mountains freely. It is also a home to many other rare animals like ibex, red fox, wolf, snow leopard, migratory birds, the Ladakh urial and the golden marmot. The best visiting times of the year are from March to September as the weather is suitable for the visitors.

5. Southern Pakistan and Further

Southern Pakistan is another travelers place which awaits your interest. The ancient forts, the tombs of Multan and the deserts of Cholistan offer wonderful scenic views. Although these places are extremely hot during vacations, but if you have right vehicle and arrangements you can really enjoy the historical cultures of Pakistan even in the summers. Some interesting sights of Southern Pakistan are Rohtas Fort, Mausoleum of Baha-ud-Din Zakaria, Shrine of Shams-ud-Din Sabzwari, Institute of Blue Pottery Development, Qasim Bagh Fort, Bahawalpur Museum etc.

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6. Journey to Ancient Civilization – Mohenjo Daro

Till 1921, this Indus Valley Civilization was completely unknown. About 4500 years ago, this mysterious culture was evolved which profited through fertile Indus River. By visiting this extravagant place, it is revealed that people living there were great urban planners but now the whole city is completely faceless. Although there are no palaces, monuments or temples in this place but the city displays cleanliness. There were no king or queen to manage that civilization. The culture of Mohenjo-Daro shows pottery making, tools made up of stone and copper and weights for a perfect trade. A water light bath is also found there named Great Bath which is mounted on a heap of dirt. In short, the idea of missing this place while traveling would be a great loss.


7. Foodies Heaven – Lahore

For #Lahoris, food is something as pen is to writer. Traveling to Lahore and not dining out means you have missed Pakistani food from a mile. Here is a list for food lovers of all sorts:

Desi Food: The old city of Lahore carries the aroma of Desi foods and this is a must YES for the travelers. Lakshmi Chowk, Mazung, Abott Road, these areas have so much to offer. The best “Nihari” in Lahore is available from Haji’s in Bhatti Gate. Bashir Dar-ul-Mahi is famous for its fried fish which is a small shop in Mazung. Kaka Gurda Kapoora is for those who love to have Taka Tak, gizzard and liver which is in Lakshmi Chowk. If you wish to have seafood in desi style, then Jhinga Karahi at the back of Badshai Mosque is a must place to visit.

Chaats and Gol Gappay: These traditional snacks are the heart of Lahoris. Some tasty dahi bhallay are available at Regal at Mall Road which would be a worthy trip. For the Gol Gappas, on the outside of Lawrence Gardens some really spicy and full of taste Novelty Gol Gappas with delicious sauces are available.

Fast Foods: MM Alam Road is the other side of Lahore where fast foods other than traditional Pakistani Cuisine can be dined in. Cosa Nostra is an elegant place where mouthwatering burgers, pizzas and ice-creams are available with yummy mozzarella sticks.

Cafes: A local coffee shop known for its tasty coffee and desserts. It also has Beef Fajitas which are the best in town and are a must to have.

Some other places where really good can be found is The Lahore Social, Pompie, Tiramisu for its divine molten chocolate lava cake, The Polo Lounge, The Cube, Mouthful, Tokyo for Japanese Cuisine, The Lakhnavi in Avari Hotel and Sweet Affairs for some best desserts in town.

8. Economic Corridor of Pakistan, CPEC – Gawader

Gwadar is an important port city on the Arabian Sea. It has two hills of different heights, Koh-e-Batil and Koh-e-Mehdi, height being 449 feet and 1,112 feet respectively. It has been under the administration of Pakistan since 1958, before that it was under the control of different states and different regions. Gawader port became operational in December 2009. The first ship that docked on Gawader Port brought 52000 tons of hats from Canada. Gawader port is serving as a very important trade hub for transit of Chinese oil, transshipment and timber imports. Location wise, this port is ideal as it links Pakistan to many countries and regions of Central Asia.


Say hello to summers, pack your bags and LEAVE! There’s very little chance you gonna regret later 😉 Join us on our facebook page for the updates here: TrulyPakistan Facebook

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  2. Such an informative post. I definitely wish to visit all these places soon. As Pakistanis, being blessed with such a beautiful country (with such amazing food), I feel like we need to recognize it, and bring our beauty into the spotlight, and this website is doing just that… Kudos!

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