5 Reasons to grab a backpack and start travelling TODAY!

The idea of travelling and visiting places you’ve only seen pictures of definitely excites everyone. But still, there are only so many nomads out there who actually pursue this dream and answer their true calling, while others lay imprisoned to their circumstances for that perfect ‘one day’; when everything will eventually fall into place. Reality Check: The perfect time never comes. – Seize the day my friend!

I can go on and on and quote clichéd lines on how everyone should lead their life. But I think the more effective way to go with this would be to tell you the reasons why travelling and holidays are so important! So without further ado:  

  1.    You can’t remember the last time you took a long holiday

Being dedicated is great, but if you’re too committed for far too long then it can become exhausting. To
make sure that you continue to stay at the top of your game re-energize yourself through a holiday.

If you’ve been postponing your trip because of work for a couple of years now then you’re doing yourself a big disservice. Living in the same mundane routine for 365 days a year can make you no less than a dysfunctional robot – Treat yourself to a holiday and remind yourself why you actually work so hard.


  1.    Increased competition in the market has significantly reduced travelling expenses

With so many airlines, hotels and tour packages available, the tourism industry is rapidly progressing. And owing to the rising competition, airfares and accommodation rates have also become reasonably affordable. Hence it is high time to stop giving yourself the excuse that you need to save up before even considering a holiday. Contact sastaticket.pk to get the best deals on hotels and tickets. Where there are packages suited for every budget – You’ll be surprised by what you find!



  1.    Online travel portals have made planning a trip as easy as 123

Remember the olden days when you had to track down a travel agent and work with him to manage the dates, expenses, tickets, stays and tours. Well, online travel portals have eliminated this whole hassle.



Today, planning a trip is as easy as 123. All you have to do is go through the huge inventory of websites and select options that fit both your preference and budget – All while sitting at home and seeking help from online representatives. It really doesn’t get any easier than this!

  1.    You feel left out when people go on and talk about the beauty of Pakistan

Almost all Pakistanis have gone on a complete Pakistan tour at some point in their life – Be it with university pals, on family holidays or even on their honeymoons. But those of us who still haven’t gotten the opportunity to go and hike K2 or see the stunning Hunza valley are only left loathing the missed opportunity – Do something to change that!


   5.      Travelling can help ease stress levels and enhances productivity

Travelling can really help uplift a person’s personality and release the mounting stress levels we continually cope with. How? Well on a vacation you finally gain freedom from your monotonous life and have the freedom to spend each day the way you want to sleep in, lay on the beach, enjoy chocolate cake or go trekking on a mountain – Do absolutely everything you feel like!


You’ll feel so relaxed that you’ll actually be rejuvenated to work more productively upon returning.
People need to realize that there will never be a perfect time for travelling. You have to own the moment and make it perfect yourself. Otherwise, life will always find a way to intervene in between – Learn to put yourself first and do what genuinely makes you happy!

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