10 of the Most Beautiful Roads in Pakistan for Crazy Travelers

There are rare people in this world who don’t appreciate driving on a peaceful road surrounded by amazing perspectives. Such peaceful roads are far away from the hustles and bustles of city life and are the best to have an exotic drive.

If we talk about the Karakoram Highway, it is the world’s highest paved road and with the construction of Diamer Bhasha Dam, its height will increase further. TrulyPakistan’s team presents to you Top 10 amazing roads in Pakistan for you to drive on. Let’s explore:

1. Pir Sohawa Road

This road is located next to Chak-Nara in Punjab and is counted amongst the best roads in the country. This road presents a beautiful view of Margalla Hills and it gets pretty cold too. A very popular restaurant, Monal is constructed on this road which gives a complete and ravishing view of Islamabad. The local residents of Islamabad are often roaming around on this road. One road goes up and the second one goes down giving a spectacular view.


2. Road from Nathia Gali to Abbottabad

This is a road having total length of 54 km. The quiet drive under the tall slopes and amazing greenery will let your eyes open throughout the journey. This is a complete not-to-miss road for travel lovers.

nathia gali


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3. Makran Coastal Highway

Makran Coastal Highway is a 653 km-long coastal highway along Pakistan’s Arabian Sea coastline. It is a part of Pakistan’s National Highways network.

Makran Coastal Highway

4. Jalkhad Road

The Jalkhad Road is next to Dumri Maidan running besides Naran Valley. This road is in the North West Frontier Province.

jalkhad road

5. Road to Khunjerab Pass

Also known as the “Silk Route” or the “Karakoram Highway”, but this specific portion is different from the entire highway regarding symmetry. This is the meeting point of Pakistan and China which links Northwest China with Pakistan’s Gilgit Baltistan region.



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6. Gojal Road

The entire road leads to upper Hunza or Gojal. The Gojal Valley surrounds the border of China and Afghanistan. This valley Is 15,397 feet above sea level and the mountain tops are covered with thick white snow all-round the year. The Gojal Valley is also a passage way for Karakoram Highway which then enters China at the point of Khanjarab.

Gojal Road - trulyPakistan

7. Road to Shigar Valley

It is a 170 km valley that runs from Skardu to Askole alongside Shigar River. The grand valley has a tremendous drive through parkway which provides an awesome sight.


8. Quetta to Taftan Road

This road spans at a distance of 741km. Taftan is basically name of a mountain peak which is towards Iranian border.

Quetta to Taftan Road

9. Road from Astore to Chillam

This one is the most amazing and beautiful roads in Pakistan. Where you can find merging mountains on one side to flowing waters on the other. The place is generally coldest in winters and often gets blocked due to heavy snowfall.

Chillum Road


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10. Kashmir Highway

This interstate of 5.88 km is situated in Punjab by Garden Road. Pakistan has control of western portion of this street. The Kashmir Highway starts from Srinagar and prolongs its way to Rawalpindi, Muree and Kohala Bridge. When it comes to roads and highways, nothing can beat the unique beauty of KKH. Known as the 8th wonder of the world, Karakoram Highway is terrifyingly beautiful.

TrulyPakistan - Kashmir Highway

We are sure you must be quite thrilled after seeing the lovely travel roads of Pakistan. So, gear yourself up and have a drive along these worth seeing roads. Have we convinced you to take a long drive along these scenic routes?

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Happy Journey 🙂

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