10 Best Breakfast Places in Lahore

Never go for a monotonous breakfast neither crave for one. Some people although love to start their day with plain yogurt or a simple toast or just having a cup of cappuccino. But if you are reading this article, then you are not amongst such people, are you?

Well, to break the rule, here are 10 best places in Lahore that are worth spending your money and time. All these places will ensure that most important meal of the day can be an exciting one.

1. Bombay Chowpatti

This is a leading food chain which has made a strong place in Dubai, Kuwait, Doha and Oman since last 20 years. The specialty of this place is the variety of cuisines like Chaats and finger licking Punjabi dishes. The staff working there prefer both taste and hygiene. It is a trendy location having a chic ambiance where families can enjoy in a friendly way. The place offers a special Sunday breakfast starting from 8:30 am till 12:30 pm.

Bombay Chowpatty - TrulyPakistan

Bombay Chowpatty – TrulyPakistan

2. McDonalds Lahore

McDonalds offers many options in tasty breakfast. The fun part is that they offer their Breakfast menu all day long. You can come Sausage McMuffin with egg or sausage biscuit or you can order hotcakes which sound so delicious in mornings. The delicious McGriddles are another tasty variety which should not be missed out.

McDonalds Drive Thru - TrulyPakistan

McDonalds Drive Thru – TrulyPakistan

3. Freddys Café

This place is amongst the finest dining addresses of Lahore. Reason being their choice of mouthwatering seafood, the oven fresh bake items that are served hot and the finest ingredients used in chocolate items. The courtesy of staff at Freddy’s is unexplainable along with the ambiance of the café.

Freddys Café Lahore - TrulyPakistan

Freddys Café Lahore – TrulyPakistan

4. Banera Rooftop Restaurant

This is newly opened restaurant and provides some excellent food ranging from Italian pastas and pizzas to traditional Pakistani handis. This place is special as it has given a new perspective to cooking and serving. A special Sunday brunch awaits food lovers from 9am till 1pm.

Banera Rooftop Restaurant Lahore - TrulyPakistan

Banera Rooftop Restaurant Lahore – TrulyPakistan

5. Marco Polo PC

This offers an international dining experience level for business professionals who can have a classy lunch or Sunday brunches here. Marco Polo offers all sorts of Pakistani and Continental cuisines which match with mood and taste. It has a special breakfast buffet starting from 6:30 am till 10 am. Go and enjoy some interesting desserts and savory dishes along with a wonderful dining experience.

Pearl Continental Lahore - TrulyPakistan

Pearl Continental Lahore – TrulyPakistan

6. Salt n’ Pepper Village

Salt n Pepper Village was opened for the first time in Lahore in 1992. The place excellently exposes the art and culture of Punjab. The theme of this restaurant is creatively innovative and can be considered as amongst the best restaurants in Pakistan. The courtesy of staff and food quality deserves tremendous appraise. The atmosphere truly depicts the traditional values of Punjab province. The best part is its “Live Buffet” where food is cooked in front of the customers and is a real masterpiece. Village is recognized internationally as well due to its exclusive Pakistani cuisine. This place is at the top list of food lovers. A special Sunday brunch is offered at a time slot of 12 pm till 3:30 pm.

Salt n Pepper Village - TrulyPakistan

Salt n Pepper Village – TrulyPakistan

7. Café Aylanto

This café is specially designed for people to have best dining with the best food served to them. It has a capacity of almost 200 persons having a variety of sitting arrangements. There is a Romantic Courtyard which provides a private dining in the lounge. Café Aylanto has its outlets in Karachi and Lahore offering people with its best festivities. There are monthly specials which vary depending on the seasonal trends and available products. Daily breakfast menu is available from 7:30 am till 12 pm and on Sunday it’s from 7:30 am till 3pm. They offer Country Style Waffles, Ricotta Pancakes, Vanilla Bean French Toast, Crunchy Homemade Granola, Chilled Chia Seeds and much more.

Cafe Aylanto Lahore - TrulyPakistan

Cafe Aylanto Lahore – TrulyPakistan

8. Cosa Nostra

A special place for eating out lovers and is one of the best restaurants in Lahore. This is an Italian name which means “Our Thing”. The owners claim to be doing their thing which is different from the rest. The whole ambiance is that of Rome and provides the same atmosphere once you enter in its boundaries. The place offers Italian thin crust pizzas and best cuisines which are adopted to match the local taste. Special breakfast is offered daily with some tasty menu.

Cosa Nostra Lahore - TrulyPakistan

Cosa Nostra Lahore – TrulyPakistan

9. English Tea House

This is an exotic restaurant which has a mouthwatering menu. A special Brunch menu is offered till 3pm. Variety of eggs, waffles, griddles and many other options are available for breakfast lovers.

English Tea House - TrulyPakistan

English Tea House – TrulyPakistan

10. Cinnabon Bakery Café

Cinnabon is famous worldwide for its baked goods such as Minibon, Cinnabon bites, Classic roll, Cinnabon stix etc. Cinnabon provides the balance in life with its extensive menus. The large windows all over the place provide an excellent view towards the street. Energy is conserved by the owners through LED lightening throughout the café. The breakfast items are available all day long from 8am till the closing time.

Lahore Cinnabon Cafe - TrulyPakistan

Lahore Cinnabon Cafe – TrulyPakistan

There are tons of other places in Lahore for Desi Cuisine as well which gives Lahore a vibrant cultural touch as well. Further if you need more tips on traveling and tourism you can follow this link here: http://trulypakistan.com/about-pakistan/

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